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Sneak peek of recent events

  • April
    Fri. 2024

    CEPS: Planetary boundaries as a guide for EU policy

    Join us for this in-person members-only lunchtime meeting, where Katherine Richardson will present an analysis of the September 2023 update of the Planetary Boundaries Framework. This analysis indicat...

  • April
    Fri. 2024

    Politico: Is Europe on track to be a world leader in rare diseases?

    36 million Europeans live with a rare disease. The EU needs to scale up and improve the patient journey and diagnosis, which is different from a member state to another.     Questions to be ad...

  • April
    Thu. 2024

    ERCST: Navigating Trade-Related Climate Measures

    Governments are increasingly contemplating measures such as carbon border adjustments. Such policies can have diverse impact on different countries depending on a country’s specific circumstances an...


What events can I expect to find in the calendar?
Events are gathered from a variety of media outlets, parliament groups, think-tanks and organizations. The purpose is to identify and include both the biggest of conferences and more sector-specific events, while the common denominator is political focus or relevance.
How can I subscribe to the calendar in Outlook?

When you enter your email address above, we generate a calendar for you and send the link.

Steps to add the link in Outlook:

  1. Click ‘Add calendar’ on the toolbar
  2. Select ‘From web’ and paste the calendar-link

An extended guide is available: here

We are hosting a political event - can it be featured in the calendar?

Our inbox is always open for requests - the only requirement is that the event contains a political element. Send your event request to [email protected], and we will make the assessment.

Can I subscribe to other calendars?
Currently, political calendars from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and EU/Brussels are available and can all be accessed from this page. Additional calendars are available for customers of Ulobby, ex. the calendars of Folketinget, Stortinget, Riksdagen, the European Parliament, and sector-specific calendars. Contact us here for more information.
What are my options if I see an interesting event in the calendar?
We strive to provide the most important information in the calendar - this includes a link directly to the event of interest, where you can read more and sign up
Can I delete my calendar/account?

If you have not used your calendar/account in it will be expire and be delete automatically.

What is Ulobby?
Ulobby is a software-as-a-service platform that delivers real-time political monitoring and stakeholder management services - developed by lobbyists for lobbyists.

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